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Welcome to our Gardening Forum, where we bring gardeners worldwide together to discuss hydroponics and DIY gardens. Our community is dedicated to providing you with a supportive and engaging learning and sharing experience.


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Welcome to Humble Growth Hydroponics

Welcome! I began Humble Growth to share my love for everything Hydroponics. From Tower Gardens and Aeroponics to Fogponics and the Kratky Method passive hydroponics. I try my best to cover it all and meet you where you're at in your growing journey.


At Humble Growth Hydroponics, I cover everything from seed to harvest. Including LED lighting, plant issues and preferences, and all the other variables around hydroponic indoor gardening. 


I have been gardening hydroponically since 2014 and love to share my knowledge, mistakes and successes with all of you. My hope is that no matter how you like to grow, you can get something of value from Humble Growth Hydroponics and share it with those you love. 

 Especially the next generation of young gardeners 

~ Chad Miner

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