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This comprehensive guide is PACKED full of vauable information that any indoor gardener should learn. The unique value in Synthesizing Sunlight is the way it educates, informes, then breaks ground with a new idea for delivering wavelenghts through standard LED bulbs. This complex yet simple setup is fully explained over 42 pages of content rich guide. You will learn and transform as a indoor gardener like you never imagined. You will become a master of photons as you learn about light wavelenghts, photond flux density, color spectrum graphs,  light timming, ammount, and duration, and best of all it all climaxes at the Photon Density and Wavelength Timming Guide, where I lay out everything you need and everything you leed to know to create the absolutely perfect lighting envoronment for your plants. 

Synthesizing Sunlight: Advanced Lighting Handbook

$19.99 Regular Price
$15.99Sale Price
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