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From EC/PPM meters to Net Pots, click here to check out what I recommend to fill out the everyday hydro-gardeners toolbox.

Full spectrum grow lights are just the tip of the iceberg. What about UVA, or adding more Blue for leafy growth or Red to promote photosynthesis?
Check out all my recommended lighting options here.  


Micro,Macro,supplemental and powder nutrients. 
The ones that I've been using for years. 


Ultrasonic foggers are all the rage in the aeroponic world. We are still discovering the possibilities with ultrasonic fog and plants, so strap in!

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Let's just be honest, grow tents are awesome. A controlled, enclosed, ventilated environment for your plants to thrive uninterrupted or contaminated. These are my favorites from new to old. 


Clay pebbles, Vermiculite, Rockwool, Coco core, there are a lot of substrates, get them all here. 


Aerogarden is a great all in one, hydroponics made simple and user friendly approach to tabletop indoor gardening. I love how they seem to have a garden for every budget and space. these are my all time favorite Aerogardens. (and accessories)

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